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Valence Water 
Stormwater Treatment

Industries face new challenges with stormwater management, due to municipalities evolving regulations on how companies deal with surface water runoff from their operations, products, equipment at their facilities.


The ability to handle diverse water compositions and the dynamic demands of their operations is key for a company looking to overcome these new challenges. Valence Water brings its expertise to this area with the WaterMiner® stormwater systems, offering compact and mobile treatment options tailored to address the complexities of stormwater management.

These systems are designed to handle various pollutants such as heavy metals, oils and greases, total suspended solids, and more. Their adaptability shines through in their ability to treat a wide range of water compositions encountered in urban environments, from industrial areas to residential neighborhoods. Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on chemical treatments, the Valence process utilizes advanced non-chemical techniques for contaminant removals allowing for safe discharge into the environment without causing harm to aquatic ecosystems or human health.

Solutions for Stormwater

Cutting edge technology.

By choosing Valence Water's solutions, industries gain more than just stormwater treatment systems; they acquire a reliable and adaptable ally in their efforts to achieve environmental compliance and promote sustainable urban development. This partnership supports the goals of cleaner waterways, reduced pollution, and resilient urban infrastructure, contributing to healthier communities and ecosystems.


  • Shipyards and Ports

  • Industrial Recycling Operations

  • Municipal Water Treatment Facilities

  • Agricultural

Primary Constituents

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 

  • Fats Oils Greases (FOG)

  • Copper

  • Zinc

  • Arsenic

  • Lead

  • Iron

  • Heavy Metals


  • Chemical free treatment

  • Excellent removal of heavy metals

  • High throughput

  • Easy and efficient operation


Valence Wastewater Solutions

Valence Water specializes in conceptualizing and constructing industrial wastewater treatment platforms, offering versatile solutions in containerized setups, skid-mounted configurations, or permanent modular installations.


The innovative WaterMiner® systems, characterized by their minimal footprint, are designed to excel in environments with spatial constraints. Furthermore, these systems possess the flexibility to scale seamlessly, adapting to accommodate a diverse spectrum of flow requirements with utmost efficiency.


The WaterMiner® is a compact, fully automated electro-coagulation and electro-oxidation water treatment system. The continuous flow-through system is available in various modular units, including climate-controlled containers and skid-mounted options. 


Working with each plant's specific requirements, the WaterMiner® Platform can be scaled to meet maximum and minimum flow rates.

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