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Electrochemical Treatment for Challenging Wastewaters
Boydel Modular & Compact
  • Combines electro-coagulation and electro-oxidation in one reactor.

  • Scalable to accommodate your operation’s specific requirements.

  • Coagulation, clarification, oxidation and disinfection in one platform.

  • Minimal footprint, high throughput.

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  • Fully automated operation that starts up and shuts down in minutes.

  • Real time consumable and process monitoring.

  • Simplified maintenance for minimal downtimes.

  • Leaves your operators with more time to focus on their core activities.

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  • Total treatment times less than 10 minutes.

  • Continuous flow process, minimal clarification time, no large tanks.

  • No settling time required. 

  • Sealed system with complete disinfection and no odour production.

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  • No chemical coagulants or caustic pH adjustment used.

  • Reduced sludge production and improved dewaterability, results in less solids disposal.

  • Disinfection for process water reuse.

  • Up to 99% reduction in consumable volume.

We specialize in providing wastewater treatment solutions using our patented dual-zone WaterMiner® electro-coagulation and OxiMiner™ electro-oxidation reactors.  We offer containerized or skid mounted systems, which are compact and fully automated for ease of operation.  Our focus is to provide clients with a fast and efficient solution to pre-treating industrial wastewaters, alleviating the discharge loadings into city sewerage systems, to consistently meet compliance with regulatory agencies. 

Valence Water designs and builds containerized, skid mounted, or permanent modular industrial wastewater treatment platforms. 

Our low-footprint WaterMiner® systems can be implemented in areas with restricted space and can be scaled to accommodate a wide range of flow requirements.


The WaterMiner® is a compact, fully automated, electrocoagulation and electrooxidation water treatment system.  The continuous flow through system is available in a variety of modular units including climate-controlled containers and skid mounted options. 


Working with each plant’s specific requirements the WaterMiner® Platform can be scaled to meet maximum and minimum flow rates.

and minimum flow rates.

About Valence Water

Valence Water Inc. is a Canadian based wastewater treatment technology company that produces modular, electrochemical systems in beautiful British Columbia.


Our Founders set out to develop a better, more efficient way to treat raw sewage. Years of research and development led to the creation of an advanced electro coagulation and oxidation system that can be implemented in many sectors of industrial water treatment applications.


777 Fort St

Victoria, BC

V8W 1G9




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