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Oily Wastewater

Petroleum extraction and refining processes require responsible wastewater management practices to lower environmental and financial impacts. Valence Water can assist in developing an efficient and modular system suitable for your daily maximum and minimum flow rates.  

The complete removal of hydrogen sulfide and FOG, as well as high removal efficiencies of PAHs, BTEX, and phenols make the Valence Water WaterMiner® platform an ideal solution for oil impacted waters.   If you already have an effective water treatment system in place but are having issues meeting the final discharge requirements consider the OxiMiner™, Valence Water's electrooxidation reactor to reduce residual concentrations of dissolved organics and inorganics.

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Other Solutions

Valence Water designs and builds containerized, skid mounted, or permanent modular industrial wastewater treatment platforms.  Our low-footprint WaterMiner® systems can be implemented in areas with restricted space and can be scaled to accommodate a wide range of flow requirements.


The WaterMiner    is a compact, fully automated, electrocoagulation and electrooxidation water treatment system.  The continuous flow through system is available in a variety of modular units including climate-controlled containers and skid mounted options. 


Working with each plant’s specific requirements the WaterMiner     Platform can be scaled to meet maximum and minimum flow rates.

and minimum flow rates.



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