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Valence Water 
Oily Wastewater

Petroleum extraction and refining processes, crucial for meeting energy demands, come with the inherent responsibility of implementing wastewater management practices that mitigate both environmental and financial impacts. Valence Water is a partner in this commitment, offering expertise in developing efficient and modular wastewater management systems tailored to the unique requirements of petroleum operations. 


Our approach involves meticulous analysis of daily maximum and minimum flow rates, ensuring that the designed system is optimized for performance and scalable to respond dynamically to fluctuating operational demands. By collaborating with Valence Water, facilities can proactively address the challenges associated with wastewater management, enhancing both environmental sustainability and operational cost-effectiveness in petroleum extraction and refining.

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Valence Wastewater Solutions

WaterMiner®  Platform for Oily Wastewater

The complete removal of hydrogen sulfide and FOG and high removal efficiencies of PAHs, BTEX, and phenols make the Valence Water WaterMiner® platform an ideal solution for oil-impacted waters. If you already have an effective water treatment system in place but are having issues meeting the final discharge requirements, consider the OxiMiner™, Valence Water's electrooxidation reactor, to reduce residual concentrations of dissolved organics and inorganics.


  • Petroleum Extraction 

  • Petroleum Refining 

  • Oil Reclamation 

  • Produced Water

Primary Constituents

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 

  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) 

  • Heavy Metals 

  • Fats Oils Greases (FOG) 

  • PAHs 

  • BTEX 

  • Sulphides


  • Reductions in dissolved organic and inorganic constituents 

  • Complete removal of H2S for improved safety 

  • Sealed treatment systems for odour control 

  • Complete removal of Total Oil & Grease (TOG) and Mineral Oil & Grease (MOG)

Valence Water is at the forefront of designing and constructing versatile industrial wastewater treatment platforms, offering containerized, skid-mounted, and permanent modular solutions.


Our WaterMiner® systems, known for their low footprint, are specifically engineered for deployment in spaces with limitations. The beauty of these systems lies in their scalability, effortlessly accommodating a broad spectrum of flow requirements to meet the unique demands of varied industrial settings.


The WaterMiner® is a compact, fully automated electro-coagulation and electro-oxidation water treatment system. The continuous flow-through system is available in various modular units, including climate-controlled containers and skid-mounted options. 


Working with each plant's specific requirements, the WaterMiner® Platform can be scaled to meet maximum and minimum flow rates.

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