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Valence Water Inc:
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a WaterMiner® platform take to start up?
    The WaterMiner® platform is unique as it only takes a few minutes to start-up and reach expected performance. On average the start-up time is 10 minutes.
  • What makes Valence Water's electrochemical technology unique?
    Valence Water's dual zone, electrocoagulation and electrooxidation technology is globally patented. Combining these electrochemical processes produces a powerful and efficient treatment process, capable of handling extremely contaminated waste streams. The active cathode and automated voltage gap control system, results in consistent and controllable treatment under varying influent conditions.
  • Is effluent from a WaterMiner® platform completely disinfected?
    Yes. Influent passing through a fully equipped WaterMiner® platform results in effluent meeting tertiary disinfection standards, which can be reused in industrial applications such as washdown.
  • How are solids clarified?
    Solids that are generated from the WaterMiner® reactor are flocculated and separated by electroflotation in our sealed dual-cone clarifier.
  • What is the OxiMiner™?
    Valence Water's solution to customers looking for an additional oxidation reactor to comply with stricter discharge limits and new organic contaminants. The OxiMiner™ is exclusively an electrooxidation reactor.
  • How much metal is consumed on the sacrificial anode before it needs to be replaced?
    The automated, constant voltage gap control system allows the WaterMiner® reactor to consume over 99.5% of the metal anode before replacement is required.
  • What is the WaterMiner®?
    The WaterMiner® is Valence Water's fully automated, continuous flow, electrocoagulation and electrooxidation water treatment platform. This packaged plant includes two reactors and a dual coned clarifier for solids removal. You can learn more about the WaterMiner® here.
  • What is the fee for your wastewater testing service?
    Please contact us for your specific project requirements.
  • I have analytical data I can send you, do I still need to send you water?
    While raw data is always a great place to start, running your specific waste stream through our lab scale reactor will be the best determinate if we can offer a solution to you.
  • Do you offer on-site testing services?
    Yes. We would be happy to visit your site with a bench top version of our WaterMiner® platform to determine if Valence Water can be a solutions provider to you.
  • How much wastewater is needed for testing?
    Quantities can vary between 40L and 400L. Please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.
  • Does Valence Water provide solutions for older facilities looking to upgrade their existing treatment systems?
    Yes. Valence Water can install platforms to add to or replace existing systems. Our minimal footprint requirements and versatility allows us to install containerized or skid mounted platforms just about anywhere.
  • I am ready to purchase a WaterMiner® platform, what is the typical lead time?
    The typical lead time for a WaterMiner® platform is 6-8 months. Please contact Valence Water Inc. if a more urgent request is required.
  • What are the power requirements?
    For a fully loaded WaterMiner® platform the typical power consumption is 1.5 – 2.5 kWh/m3 or 0.005 – 0.009 kWh/USG.
  • What are the maintenance requirements?
    Valence Water takes pride in offering operator friendly systems with minimal maintenance and downtime requirements. With exception to our reactors, all equipment and instrumentation included in our platforms are standard in the wastewater industry. Depending on the nature of the wastewater and instrumentation involved some weekly maintenance is needed. The reactors themselves require no daily maintenance. Anode replacement is typically every 4-6 weeks with the procedure taking about an hour.
  • What is the maximum flowrate?
    Our standard line of WaterMiner® platforms can handle flowrates of up to 500m3/day. Our platforms are modular in design and can be added in parallel to meet a client's flow requirements.
  • What are the consumable products used?
    Once the WaterMiner® Platform has been delivered to site, you need only ever provide power, sacrificial anodes, and powdered flocculant to treat your incoming wastewaters.
  • After commissioning, will Valence Water be available to assist with Operator training and yearly maintenance?
    Valence Water will provide operator training on site after commissioning is completed. As a part of our ReactorLink™ service, Valence Water Inc. is also available to provide semi-annual training and maintenance on an ongoing basis.
  • How soon will someone get back to me?
    We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.
  • What is Iron’s favorite ride at the fair?
    The Ferrous Wheel.

Welcome to our Valence Water's Frequently Asked Questions page, where we address the most common queries about wastewater treatment.


Discover answers to questions ranging from the importance of water testing to the specific technologies we employ. Learn about Valence's commissioning, operations, and testing. We aim to empower you with knowledge so you can make informed decisions for your business.


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