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Valence Water 
Septic Waste

More and more septic waste is being diverted from municipal wastewater treatment plants due to old infrastructure, lack of urban planning, inadequate maintenance programs, and limits to expanding existing treatment works. Valence Water's WaterMiner® platform provides a modular pretreatment solution allowing direct flow through treatment and discharge into sanitary systems.

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Valence Wastewater Solutions

WaterMiner® Platform for Septic Waste

The strategic placement of Valence Water's WaterMiner® platform saves precious resources spent on logistical services and dumping fees. Valence Water has extensive experience providing pretreatment solutions for companies that would otherwise spend hours hauling waste to the landfill. The WaterMiner® platform pre-treats these highly contaminated waste streams to meet discharge requirements, allowing for discharge to city sewer systems. 


  • Residential Septic Waste  

  • Industrial Septic Waste  

  • Portable Toilet Waste

Primary Constituents

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)  

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)   

  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)  

  • Fats Oils Greases (FOG)  

  • Total Phosphorus


  • Rapid treatment times eliminate large-volume storage requirements

  • Combined electrocoagulation and electrooxidation reactor results in disinfected, odor-reduced solids

  • Versatile electrochemistry technology is not dependent on a biological process, allowing all industrial and municipal wastewater to be efficiently managed

  • Improved dewaterability: up to 50% dryer solids with conventional processes

Valence Water excels in the innovation and construction of industrial wastewater treatment platforms, providing a range of solutions, including containerized, skid-mounted, and permanent modular designs.


The WaterMiner® systems, distinguished by their minimal footprint, are strategically crafted for deployment in constrained spaces. Their innate scalability sets these systems apart, allowing seamless adjustment to a diverse range of flow requirements. This adaptability ensures that our solutions can cater precisely to the nuanced needs of different industrial contexts.


The WaterMiner® represents a compact and fully automated water treatment system, harnessing the cutting-edge technologies of electrocoagulation and electrooxidation. Its continuous flow-through design offers a diverse range of modular units, including climate-controlled containers and skid-mounted options, catering to various operational requirements.


Designed to harmonize with the distinctive needs of individual plants, the WaterMiner® Platform boasts inherent scalability. This adaptive quality allows it to seamlessly accommodate maximum and minimum flow rates, providing a personalized and efficient water treatment solution that can be fine-tuned to the specific demands of any industrial environment.

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