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Septic & Vac Truck Waste

More and more septic waste is being diverted from municipal wastewater treatment plants due to old infrastructure, lack of urban planning, inadequate maintenance programs, and limits to expansion of existing treatment works.  Valence Water's WaterMiner® platform provides a modular, pretreatment solution that allows for a direct flow through treatment and discharge into sanitary systems. 

The strategic placement of Valence Water's WaterMiner® platform saves precious resources spent on logistical services and dumping fees.  Valence Water has extensive experience in providing pre-treatment solutions for companies that would otherwise spend hours hauling waste to the landfill.  The WaterMiner® platform pre-treats these highly contaminated waste streams to meet discharge requirements, allowing for discharge to city sewer systems. 

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Other Solutions

Valence Water designs and builds containerized, skid mounted, or permanent modular industrial wastewater treatment platforms.  Our low-footprint WaterMiner® systems can be implemented in areas with restricted space and can be scaled to accommodate a wide range of flow requirements.


The WaterMiner    is a compact, fully automated, electrocoagulation and electrooxidation water treatment system.  The continuous flow through system is available in a variety of modular units including climate-controlled containers and skid mounted options. 


Working with each plant’s specific requirements the WaterMiner     Platform can be scaled to meet maximum and minimum flow rates.

and minimum flow rates.



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