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Valence Water:
ReactorLink™ Supply Program

Valence Water's ReactorLink™ is a service and supply program that helps our customers operate WaterMiner® and OxiMiner™ systems more efficiently through real time monitoring, onsite service and evaluation visits and ongoing supply and delivery of consumables.

ReactorLink™ helps reduce the amount of time plant personnel spend overseeing operations and supply logistics, freeing them up to focus on their core business.

ReactorLink™ Platform Includes:

  • Supply of sacrificial iron or aluminum anodes, delivered to your facility

  • Supply of flocculants used in the WaterMiner® process, delivered to your facility

  • Semi-annual, on site servicing and training by a Valence Water Technician 

  • Operation and performance monitoring 

  • PLC and process updates as they become available

  • Remote visualization via mobile phone or tablet

ReactorLink™ Benefits:

  • Minimal handling of consumables

  • Supply chain and logistics covered by Valence Water

  • Process optimization through real time monitoring

  • Consistent effluent discharge 

  • Real-time operator alerts

Valence Water W914 Commercial Platform at Industrial Site.heic


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