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Valence Water Inc.

About Valence Water Inc.
Industrial Water Treatment

Our concern for the environment drives our passion for green technology, with a vision of promoting stewardship and sustainability while connecting businesses with innovative industrial wastewater solutions.

Valence Water Inc. is a Canadian-based wastewater treatment technology company in beautiful British Columbia. The founders of Valence had a vision to develop an efficient and compact raw sewage treatment technology, and decades of research and development have led to the creation of an advanced electro-coagulation and oxidation system that can be implemented in many sectors of industrial water treatment applications.

Today, our vision at Valence Water is to provide efficient and effective solutions to treat the industry's most contaminated and difficult process waters while promoting a cleaner environment and alleviating the industrial load on existing metropolitan treatment facilities and the environment. 

At Valence, we drive progress through innovation and collaboration. Our commitment is reflected in creating cutting-edge electrochemical systems that testify to efficiency and compact design. These systems go beyond mere treatment—they represent a groundbreaking approach to keeping contaminants at bay and unlocking the potential for reusing precious resources.

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"Clean, fresh water is a limited resource and needs to be protected."

Clean, fresh water is a limited resource and needs to be protected. Industries must keep up with supply and demand while responsible for resource consumption and their long-lasting environmental impacts. Valence Water provides the most compact and efficient electro-coagulation systems through innovation and collaboration.  

Valence offers water treatment solutions through advanced electro-coagulation and electro-oxidation systems that efficiently remove high concentrations of solids, heavy metals, oils and greases from wastewaters in a small footprint, keeping our waters clean for generations to come. 


Our electrochemical solutions are not just about effectiveness; they redefine what's possible regarding compactness and efficiency. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, we've crafted systems that address immediate industrial wastewater challenges and pave the way for a sustainable legacy.


In a world where resource preservation is paramount, our systems become more than just a solution—they become a bridge to the future. They offer a compact and efficient means of safeguarding the environment and ensuring that valuable resources are conserved.

Decentralizing industrial wastewater treatment reduces the pressure on city development, and our systems can be included in retrofits or new facility construction projects where real estate is scarce and being minimally invasive is critical. At Valence, we understand that decentralizing industrial wastewater treatment isn't just a solution; it's a strategic approach that eases the burden on urban development. Our innovative systems offer a game-changing alternative, allowing more flexible integration into existing facilities and new developments - becoming a valuable asset in urban landscapes where real estate is precious.


Our systems are designed with a keen eye on being minimally invasive, recognizing the importance of preserving existing infrastructure and optimizing available space. By decentralizing industrial wastewater treatment, we not only alleviate the pressure on city development but also introduce adaptability, which is essential in today's dynamic industrial landscape. Imagine seamlessly incorporating advanced wastewater treatment solutions into existing facilities without significant disruptions or limitations. Valence systems are engineered for precisely this purpose. Whether it's a retrofit to enhance efficiency or a new construction project where space is at a premium, our technology provides a scalable and sustainable solution.

​We strive to be leaders in the industrial wastewater treatment sector, where treating heavy contamination within an extremely low footprint and rapid treatment time benefits our clients and neighbours.

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