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Valence Water Inc.
Refined Wastewater Treatment Technology

"Working with the underlying principles of electrocoagulation, Valence Water Inc. refined the technology to provide a compact, efficient, low power, and low maintenance system."

We drastically reduce material handling compared to liquid chemical treatment systems by up to 99% in volume comparisons

Production of highly active treatment coagulant and oxidant in flow through our reactor design from raw metal material

Working with the underlying principles of electrocoagulation (EC), Valence Water refined the technology to provide a compact, efficient, low power, and low maintenance system. The Valence WaterMiner® is an EC reactor designed with an active cathode that maintains a clean reactive anode surface and constant voltage gap, minimizing power usage and maximizing anode consumption.  Unlike conventional EC systems, WaterMiner® includes a secondary oxidation treatment zone in its vertical flow reactor promoting oxidation and flotation for easy solids removal.  

Valence Water's continuous flow WaterMiner®/ OxiMiner™ electrocoagulation-electrooxidation systems can treat high volumes of heavily contaminated wastewater in a very short period, within a small footprint.  Retention time is only minutes from entering the reactor to exiting the clarifier.  Because the coagulant created from the mild steel primary anode is directly oxidized into a coagulant, less sludge is produced than in liquid chemical treatment systems since the counter ion in metal salt coagulants isn’t a factor. 

Unlike conventional EC systems, WaterMiner® has a secondary advanced oxidation treatment zone in its vertical flow reactor.  The upper electrooxidation (EO) compliments the lower primary EC treatment, promoting improved oxidation and precipitation of the contaminants from the waste stream.  On its own, the EO zone aids in breaking down dissolved contaminants in stream.  Our technology allows us to tailor the EC and EO configuration to best suit the application, tuning the reactor for ideal performance.  Real-time adjustment of the reactor allows for immediate change to accommodate variations in the influent stream. Because the Valence Water system is fully automated, changes in wastewater are handled in real time, without operator input.


A deeper look into our technology.

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