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Valence Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management

Industries are increasingly facing stringent regulations regarding stormwater management due to evolving municipal requirements. The ability to handle diverse water compositions and meet the dynamic demands of operations is crucial. Valence Water's expertise in this area is demonstrated through its WaterMiner® electrochemical stormwater systems, which offer compact and mobile treatment options tailored to address the complexities of stormwater management.

Key Features of WaterMiner® Stormwater Systems:

Pollutant Treatment:

  1. Capable of handling a variety of pollutants including heavy metals, oils and greases, total suspended solids, and more.

  2. Advanced electrochemical techniques for contaminant removal, ensuring safe discharge into the environment without harming aquatic ecosystems or human health in the process.

Valence Water Mobile Treatment Platform
Valence Water Mobile Treatment Platform


  1. Designed to treat a wide range of water compositions encountered in urban environments, from industrial areas to residential neighborhoods.

  2. Rapid mobile installation, start-up, and shut-down times.

Environmental Sustainability:

  1. Utilizes patented electrochemical processes that avoid heavy reliance on liquid chemical treatments.

  2. Reduces sludge production and enhances dewaterability, minimizing solids disposal.

Valence W500 Platform in a 20' Seacan
Valence W500 Platform in a 20' Seacan

Efficiency and Automation:

  1. Fully automated systems that start up and shut down in minutes.

  2. Real-time monitoring of consumables and processes, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.

Rapid Treatment:

  1. Offers continuous flow processes with minimal clarification time and no large tanks required.

  2. Total treatment times are less than 10 minutes, making the system highly efficient.

Valence W500 Electrocell
Valence W500 Electrocell

By integrating these advanced systems, industries can better manage stormwater, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting the environment.


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